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格拉科塔Gollakota Anjani Ravi Kiran
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    (產學型) 專案助理教授

    Indian institute of Technology Guwahati

    Chemical Engineering

    Engineering Research Discussion


    1. Post-Doctoral research Fellow National Yunlin university of Science and Technology (2017-2018)
    2.  Visiting Researcher, University of Surrey, united Kingdom (2016-2017)
    3. Visiting Researcher, Cranfield University, United Kingdom (2014-2014)
    4. Software Engineer, Co-options Technologies, India (2010-2011)
    5. Software Engineer, HMRI, India (2008-2010)

    1. Ministry of Science and Technology Taiwan; Post Doc Fellowship 2017-2018
    2. Marie Curie Icom fluid FP7 visiting researcher scholarship Jan 2014 – Jul 2014
    3. EPSRC project fund for visiting researchers 2016-2017
    4. MHRD Indian Govt. Ph.D. Research fellowship INR 3, 36,000/Year 2011-2015

    1. Anjani R.K. Gollakota, M.D. Subramanyam, Nanda Kishore. A Review on upgradation techniques of pyrolysis oil. Renewable and sustainable energy reviews. 2016. 58, 1543-1568.
    2. Anjani R.K. Gollakota, M.D. Subramanyam, Nanda Kishore, and Sai GU. Upgradation of Bio oil derived from lignocellulose biomass – A Numerical approach. Proceedings of first international conferences on recent advances in bioenergy research. 2016. 197-212.
    3. G.A. Ravi Kiran, Nanda Kishore. A Numerical study on flow and drag phenomena of spheroid bubbles in shear-thinning power-law fluids. International Journal of Modelling and Simulation. 2016. 1-9.
    4. Anjani R.K. Gollakota, Malladi. D. Subramanyam, Nanda Kishore, Sai GU, CFD Simulations on effects of catalysts on hydrodeoxygenation of bio-oil, RSC Advances. 2015. 41855 – 41866.
    5. Malladi. D. Subramanyam, Anjani R.K. Gollakota, Nanda Kishore. CFD simulations of catalytic Hydrodeoxygenation of bio-oil using Pt/Al2O3 in a fixed bed reactor. RSC Advances. 2015. 90354 – 90366.
    6.  K.D. Rao, M. Vasukiran, A.R. Gollakota, N Kishore, Buoyancy driven bubble rise and deformation in milli/micro channels filled with shear-thinning Nano fluids, Colloidal Surfaces A. 2015. 66 – 77.
    7. D. Sai Seetha Rama Raju, G. A. Ravi Kiran, V. Nageswara Rao, Comparison Studies on Biosorption of Lead (II) from an aqueous solution using anacardium occidental and carica papaya leaves powder. International Journal of Emerging Trends in Engineering and Development. 2013. 273 – 283.
    8. G.A. Ravi Kiran, V. Nageswara Rao, M. Gangadhar, & N. Chitti Babu. Adsorption of Pb (II) from aqueous solution using anacardium occidental’s leaf powder. International Journal of Environmental pollution control and Management. 2010. 81-97.
    9. Gollakota A R K, Nanda Kishore. A review on hydrothermal liquefaction of biomass. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews. 2017 (In Press).
    10. Anjani R.K. Gollakota, Nanda Kishore. CFD Study on Rise and Deformation Characteristics of Buoyancy Driven Spheroid Bubbles in Stagnant Carreau Model Non-Newtonian Fluids. Theoretical and Computational Fluid Dynamics. 2017 (In Press).
    11. Anjani R.K. Gollakota, Nanda Kishore. Flow behavior and drag coefficients of spherical bubbles in surfactant-laden Carreau model fluids. Progress in Computational fluid dynamics. 2017 (In Press). 3..

    1. Anjani R.K. Gollakota, Sai GU. ChemEngDay UK 2017. Birmingham. Poster Presentation.
    2. G.A. Ravi Kiran. First international conference on recent advances in bio-energy research. Sardar Swaran Singh National institute of Renewable energy, Kapurthala, Punjab (2015). Oral presentation.
    3. Anjani R.K. Gollakota, P. Ranganathan, S. GU. CFD Modelling of an ebullated bed reactor for the upgradation of bio-oil derived from lingo cellulosic biomass. PYRO 2014, Birmingham.
    4. G.A. Ravi Kiran. SERC sixth National Symposium on Rheology of complex fluids, IITG (2012).
    5.  G.A. Ravi Kiran. Workshop on Comsol Multiphysics 4.0. Kolkata (2012).
    6.  G.A. Ravi Kiran. 95th Indian National Science Congress, Andhra University, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India (2008).
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