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    1. 講師
    2. 助理教授

    1. Development of an intelligent mobile robot localization system using Kinect RGB-D mapping and neural network (2016). Chun C. Lai and Kuo L. Su, Computers & Electrical Engineering. (SCI)
    2. Multi-Sensor Fusion Based Concurrent Environment Mapping and Moving Object Detection for Intelligent Service Robotics (2014). Ren C. Luo, Chun C. Lai, IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics. (SCI)
    3. Multisensor Fusion and Integration: Theories, Applications, and its Perspectives (2011). Ren C. Luo, C. C. Chang and Chun C. Lai, IEEE Sensors Journal. (SCI)
    4. Enriched Indoor Map Construction Based on Multi-Sensor Fusion Approach for Intelligent Service Robot (2012). Ren C. Luo, Chun C. Lai, IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics.(SCI)

    1. 1. Development of an Intelligent Mobile Robot Localization System Using Kinect RGB-D Mapping and Neural Network. Chun C. Lai, Kuo L. SuInternational Conference on Applied System Innovation (ICASI), 2015
    2. Concurrent Indoor Map Construction and Patterns of Interests Recognition Using Sensory Fusion Approach for Service Robotics. Luo, R. C.; Lai, C. C.IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA), 2012
    3. Kinematics-based collision-free motion planning for autonomous mobile robot in dynamic environment. Luo, R. C.; Wu, S. C.; Lai, C. C.; Li, J. H.IEEE Workshop on Advanced Robotics and its Social Impacts (ARSO), 2010
    4. Enriched Indoor Environment Map Building Using Multi-Sensor Based Fusion Approach. Luo, R.C.; Lai, C.C.; Hsiao, C.C.IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS), 2010
    5. Multisensor based effective indoor environment map build-up for intelligent service robot. Luo, R. C.; Lai, C. C.World Congress on Intelligent Control and Automation (WCICA), 2010

    1. 發明專利:導航方法與應用其之人機介面裝置                                               專利號碼:台灣 I402483 發明人:吉正然/羅仁權/賴俊吉
    2. 新型專利:人機介面裝置                                                                             專利號碼:台灣 M380547 發明人:吉正然/羅仁權/賴俊吉
    3. 新型專利:人機介面裝置                                                                             專利號碼:台灣 M367325 發明人:吉正然/羅仁權/賴俊吉
    4. 新型專利:智慧型泡茶系統                                                                          專利號碼:台灣 M433836 發明人: 鍾隆宇/連長華/王明堂/賴俊吉

    1. 馬來西亞發明展--獲銅牌獎2012年
    2. 第一屆上銀智慧型手2008(優等)
    3. 東元科技文教基金會舉辦的「2007-東元機器人競賽」(亞軍)。
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