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    國立雲林科技大學 工業工程與管理 博士




    1. 國立雲林科技大學 兼任講師
    2. 國立臺中科技大學 兼任講師
    3. 樺正實業股份有限公司 業務課副課長兼董事長秘書
    4. 三富汽車股份有限公司 生管工程師兼生產處長秘書
    5. 2005年:翻譯Strategic Logistics Management (authors: Stock, James R./ Lambert, Douglas M.) published by McGraw-Hill College

    1. 初級物流運籌人才-物流管理證書
    2. 初級物流運籌人才-物流管理專業教學資格
    3. 新多益測驗905分(聽力460、閱讀445)

    1. 黃貞元、趙正敏.(2017) 「以多重理論觀點探討國小女性教師休閒運動參與行為意圖之影響因素,運動休閒管理學報,14(4),p48-65。
    2. Chen-Yuan Huang, Fang-Jung Chang, Yi-Chieh Lin, Cheng-Chih Huang, Chwen-Tzeng Su. (2017). A Study of Implementing Artificial Neural Networks and Cluster Analysis to Distinguish Fatigue Type and Level in Graduate Students. International Conference Proceedings Series by Association for Computing Machinery(ACM) . p35-41.(EI)
    3. Ming-Chang Wu, Chen-Ju Ko, Chen-Yuan Huang, Cheng-Ming Chao (2017). How Team Cohesion is Constructed in the Real Business World? -An Empirical Analysis on the Progressive, Interactive, and Hierarchical Effects of its Versatile Factors . WULFENIA Journal. Vol 24, Issue 4, p175-189. (SCI)
    4. Hsueh-Yi Lu, Chen-Yuan Huang, Chwen-Tzeng Su, Chen-Chiang Lin(2014). Predicting Rotator Cuff Tears Using Data Mining and Bayesian Likelihood Ratios. PLOS. Vol 9, Issue 4, April, 2014. p1-8. (SCI)
    5. Chen-Chiang Lin, Hsin-Hui Chan,Chen-Yuan Huang, Nang-Shu Yang(2014). Predictive Models for Pre-operative Diagnosis of Rotator Cuff Tear: A Comparison Study of Two Methods between Logistic Regression and Artificial Neural Network. Applied Mechanics and Materials. Vol 595, p263-268. 6p. (EI).
    6. Chen-Yuan Huang, Chwen-Tzeng Su, Kuei-Hsien Chen (2013). The Two Iterative Periods Production- Inventory Model of White-Box Cell Phone. Annual Quality Congress Transactions (AQCT) Issue 1, Mar., p31-44. (EI)
    7. Nang-Shu Yang, Chen-Yuan Huang, Meng-Chong Hou (2013). Inventory-Up-Level Joint Replenishment Model for Re-working Materials and New Materials. Advanced Materials Research. Vol. 711, p 763-768. (EI)

    1. Chen-Yuan Huang, Fang-Jung Chang, Yi-Chieh Lin, Cheng-Chih Huang, Chwen-Tzeng Su. (2017). A Study to Establish Fatigue Level and Type in Masters Students using Cluster Analysis and Neural Networks. International Conference on Medical and Health Informatics 2017 (ICMHI 2017) ,Taichung city, Taiwan during May 20-22, 2017.
    2. Su-Hua Huang, Chen-Yuan Huang, Yi-Lin Yeh, Hong-Mau Lin, Bor-Wen Cheng. (2017). Associations between dietary behavior, nutrient intake, and nutritional status in patients undergoing hemodialysis. The 6th Annual Global Healthcare Conference(GHC 2017). Singapore, 24-25, July, 2017.
    3. Chen-Yuan Huang, Fang-Jung Chang, Yi-Chieh Lin, Cheng-Chih Huang, Chwen-Tzeng Su. (2017). A Study to Establish Fatigue Type and Level in Masters Students using Neural Networks and Cluster Analysis. The 6th Annual Global Healthcare Conference (GHC 2017). Singapore, 24-25, July, 2017.
    4. Yarlin Kuo, You-Hsuan Chen, Chen-Yuan Huang (2015). Finding multiple Pareto optimal solutions of a multiobjective linear program. The 2015 International Conference in Management Sciences and Decision Making (ICMSDM 2015). Tamkang University, Taiwan. 16 May 2015.
    5. 黃貞元、鐘昇倍、鄭博文(2012) 探討叫色效應對年輕人和老年人短期記憶的影響。2012第三屆兩岸商學與金融研討會。2012年6月13日、高雄市、旗山區。
    6. Ming-Jian Yuan; Xue-Yi Lu; Chen-Yuan Huang; Tian-Ru Jiang; Su-Zhen Lin (2011). Methodology of Establishing Parametric Model for Chronic Hepatitis and Simulation of Clinic Data. 2011 International Symposium of Quality Management & The 47th Annual Conference of Chinese Society for Quality. p501-513.
    7. Huang-Chen Huang; Ming-Jian Yuan; Chwen-Tzeng Su (2010). The Production-Inventory Model of Two Iterative Periods for Shanzhai Mobile Phone Manufacturer. The 11th Asia Pacific Industrial Engineering & Management Systems Conference 2010 (APIEMS 2010). Melaka, Malaysia, 7-10 December 2010.

    1. 2010年:雲科大第二類獎學金獲獎人(在學學期成績第一名之博士生)
    2. 2009年:雲科大第二類獎學金獲獎人(碩士畢業成績第一名之正取博士生)
    3. 2009年:教育部績優學務人員
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