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    1. 國家衛生研究院/癌症研究所/博士後研究員, 自 2011/9 至 2015/8
    2. 衛生福利部雙和醫院/神經外科/醫學研究員,自 2015/10 至 2017/10

    1. heng, JR Hsiao, CC Fan, YK Lo, CY Tzen, LW Wu, WY Fang, AJ Cheng, CH Chen, SS Jiang , IS Chang, JY Chang, and Alan Yueh-Luen Lee* . (2016) Loss of GDF10/BMP3b as a prognostic marker collaborates with TGFBR3 to enhance chemotherapy resistance and epithelial-mesenchymal transition in oral squamous cell carcinoma. Molecular Carcinogenesis 2016 Mar 1 (IF=4.808)
    2. Alan Yueh-Luen Lee, Chi-Chen Fan, Yen-An Chen, Chieh-Wen Cheng, Ya-Ju Sung, Chih-Ping Hsu, Ting-Yu Kao*. (2015) Curcumin inhibits invasiveness and epithelial-mesenchymal transition in oral squamous cell carcinoma through reducing matrix metalloproteinase 2, 9 and modulating p53-E-cadherin pathway. Integrative Cancer Therapies 14(5): 484-490 (IF=2.36; R/C= 5/24, INTEGRATIVE & COMPLEMENTARY MEDICINE) 
    3. Ting-Yu Kao, Yi-Chieh Chiu, Wei-Cheng Fang, Chieh-Wen Cheng, Chan-Yen Kuo, Hsueh-Fen Juan, Shih-Hsiung Wu*, and Alan Yueh-Luen Lee*. (2015) Mitochondrial Lon regulates apoptosis through the association with Hsp60-mtHsp70 complex. Cell Death and Disease (2015) 6, e1642  (IF=6.04) 
    4. CH Chen, DS Lin, CW Cheng, CJ Lin, YK Lo, CC Yen, Alan Yueh-Luen Lee* and CD Hsiao*. (2014) Cdc6 cooperates with c-Myc to promote genome instability and epithelial to mesenchymal transition (EMT) in zebrafish. Oncotarget 5(15): 6300-11 (IF=6.6 ONCOLOGY)
    5. CW Cheng, CY Kuo, CC Fan, WC Fang, SS Jiang, YK Lo, TY Wang, MC Kao and Alan Yueh-Luen Lee* (2013) Overexpression of Lon contributes to survival and aggressive phenotype of cancer cells through mitochondrial complex I-mediated generation of reactive oxygen species. Cell Death and Disease  4, e681 (IF: 6.04) 
    6. CC Fan, TY Wang, YA Cheng, SS Jiang, CW Cheng, Alan Yueh-Luen Lee*, TY Kao*. (2013) Expression of E-cadherin, Twist, and p53 and their prognostic value in patients with oral squamous cell carcinoma. Journal of Cancer Research and Clinical Oncology 139:1735–1744  (IF: 2.91)
    7. Cheng, C.W., Shieh, P.C., Lin, Y.C., Chen, Y.J., Lin, Y.H., Kuo, D.H., Liu, J.Y., Kao, J.Y., Kao, M.C., and Way, T.D. (2010). Indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase, an immunomodulatory protein, is suppressed by (-)-epigallocatechin-3-gallate via blocking of gamma-interferon-induced JAK-PKC-delta-STAT1 signaling in human oral cancer cells. J Agric Food Chem 58, 887-894.(IF:2.906, Rank: 2/56)
    8. Lin, C.W., Cheng, C.W., Yang, T.C., Li, S.W., Cheng, M.H., Wan, L., Lin, Y.J., Lai, C.H., Lin, W.Y., and Kao, M.C. (2008). Interferon antagonist function of Japanese encephalitis virus NS4A and its interaction with DEAD-box RNA helicase DDX42. Virus Res 137, 49-55. (IF:2.745)   CW
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