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Brice Max Girbal
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    1. Sept 2018 – present Assistant Professor (research) Yuntech Assistant professor at the National Yunlin University of Science and Technology, teaching ‘Introduction to Archaeology’, ‘Conservation Ethics’ and ‘French I’ as well as continuation of my research on ancient iron and steel production in Europe and Asia.
    2. March 2018 – Sept 2018 Post-Doctoral Yuntech Post-doctoral position within the heritage conservation department, National Yunlin University of Science and Technology, Taiwan.
    3. July 2017 – March 2018 Archaeological Consultant Self Employment Commissioned by the Sudan Project, UCL Qatar to record and analyse iron production waste from several sites in Sudan, followed by excavation of iron smelting workshops at the ancient royal Meoritic city, Meroe, Sudan.
    4. June 2011 – Aug 2012 Archaeological Consultant Self Employment Commissioned by archaeological units to provide advice and specialist reports on ancient pyrotechnical technologies (metals, glass and ceramics), including visual and scientific material analysis of technological debris and artefacts.
    5. May 2010 – May 2011 EPPIC in Archaeological Science English Heritage A one year English Heritage Professional Placement in Conservation funded by the Institute for Archaeologists. Working as an archaeological scientist within the Technology and Conservation department of English Heritage, Fort Cumberland, Portsmouth. Visual, micro-structural and chemical analyses of complete archaeological assemblages associated with ancient pyrotechnical technologies (metal, glass and ceramic). Involved the use of scientific methodologies and equipment (see below), data processing, the production of reports to publication standard and development of analytical protocols (pXRF of window glass).

    1. May - Dec 2018 Smelting Workshop ShiSanHang Museum Demonstrating the procedures of ancient iron smelting via bloomery process. Two smelting experiments were presented during the workshop.
    2. July 2018 EASAA Conference Naples Contextualising crucible steel manufacturing: recent research in northern Telangana, India.
    3. October 2013 HMS Research in Progress Conference Exeter University The Legend of Wootz – research in progress on the South Indian Crucible Steel Industry.
    4. March 2013 Exploration Training Programme for PGDA students (ASI) Badami Application of Scientific Methods to the Study of Archaeometallurgy.
    5. April 2011 IfA Conference 2011 University of Reading Poster (A Window into the Past) on in situ window glass analysis with pXRF.
    6. Sept 2010 HMS Annual Conference 2010 West Dean College Demonstration of a series of bowl furnace experiments at the Historical Metallurgy Society Accidental and Experimental Archaeometallurgy Conference. Paper in conference proceedings.
    7. Feb 2010 Pioneering Metallurgy Project Seminar NIAS Bangalore Presentation of an archaeological site recently surveyed as part of the Pioneering Metallurgy Project, for peers including Vice Chancellor Steve Smith (Exeter University).
    1. 2018 – present Honorary Research Fellow, Archaeology, University of Exeter
    2. 2010 – present Member of Historical Metallurgy Society
    1. Girbal, B., Juleff, G. and Lowe, T. (in progress) ‘A review of historical sources for crucible steel manufacture in Telangana, South India’
    2. Girbal, B. forthcoming 'Late Iron Age Sunken-Shaft Smelting Sites in Kent – Analysis of the Iron Working Waste from Stockbury', Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports
    3. Girbal, B., Juleff, G. and Neogi, T. 2017 ‘A Letter from… Telangana – An iron and crucible steel production landscape: people and technology’, Historical Metallurgy Society News, Issue 95, 4-7
    4. Girbal, B. 2017 ‘The Technological Context of Crucible Steel Production in Northern Telangana, India’, PhD thesis, University of Exeter, Exeter
    5. Lerz, A., Holder, N., Betts, I., Blackmore, L., Girbal, B., Grey, T., Jeffries, N., Morris, J., Pipe, A., Richardson, B., Stewart, K., Thorp, A., Tomlin, R., Walker, D. and Wardle, A. 2015 ‘Medieval Crossed Friars and its Roman to Post-Medieval Landscape: Excavations at Mariner House, in the City of London’, Transactions of the London & Middlesex Archaeological Society, Vol. 66, 137-197.
    6. Girbal, B. 2013 ‘Analysis of the iron-working waste’, Appendix 1-4 in T. Allen, P.E. Cichy and B. Cichy (eds.), A post-excavation assessment following an archaeological investigation on the route of the new water main at Stockbury, near Maidstone, Kent. Kent Archaeological Projects, 85-144
    7. Girbal, B. 2013 ‘Experimenting with the Bowl Furnace’, in D. Dungworth and R.C.P. Doonan (eds.), Accidental and Experimental Archaeometallurgy. HMS Occasional Publications No. 7, 83-92
    8. Girbal, B. and Dungworth, D. 2011 Ightham Mote, Ightham, Kent: Portable XRF Analysis of the Window Glass. Research Department Report 96/2011, Portsmouth: English Heritage
    9. Girbal, B. 2011 Roman and Medieval Litharge Cakes. A Scientific Examination. Research Report 51/2011, Portsmouth: English Heritage
    10. Girbal, B. 2011 Low Forge, Wortley. Analysis of the Slag. Research Report 50/2011, Portsmouth: English Heritage
    11. Dungworth, D. and Girbal, B. 2011 Walmer Castle, Deal, Kent. Analysis of Window Glass. Research Department Report 2/2011, Portsmouth: English Heritage
    12. Girbal, B. 2010 Michelmersh, Romsey Hampshire. Analysis of the Slag. Research Department Report 78/2010, Portsmouth: English Heritage
    13. Girbal, B. and Ford, D. 2010 Shortlands Lane, Cullompton, Devon. Scientific Examination of the Window Glass. Research Department Report 79/2010, Portsmouth: English Heritage
    1. June 2018 Contextualising crucible steel manufacturing: Recent research in northern. Telangana, India, European Association for South Asian Archaeology (EASAA).
    1. Oct 2013 The Tylecote Memorial Fund Funding obtained from the Historical Metallurgy Society to participate in iron smelting experiments (experimental archaeology) in Japan.
    2. Sept 2012 Exeter University Doctoral Studentship Fully funded PhD from the University of Exeter (UK) and National Institute of Advanced Studies (India) joint doctoral programme.
    3. Jan 2010 Dean’s Commendation Award Awarded for excellent performance in programme of study – Master of Arts in Experimental Archaeology with Distinction. Also for receiving the highest Master’s dissertation grade.
    1. 新北》展現千年工藝 台日合作重現史前煉鐵技術;中時;2018/11/30

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