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    期刊審查委員Reviewer of manuscript  Atmospheric research (SCI)
     Tourism Management (SCI)
     Water Resource Management (SCI)
     Journal of Cleaner Production (SCI)
     Asia Pacific Journal of Tourism Research (SCI)
     Computers and Concrete (SCI)
     Environmental forensics (SCI)
     Journal of Environmental Management (SCI)

    J-H. Tzeng, C-H. Weng, J-W. Huang, C-C. Shiesh, Y-H. Lin, Y-T. Lin, Application of Pd-Modified Zeolite for Prolonging Post-Harvest Shelf Life of Banana, Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture, 2019. (SCI: Agriculture; I.F.=2.379; Ranking=8/57=14.0%)
    K-T. Tsai, and Y-H. Lin*, Identification of urban park activity intensity at different thermal environments and visible sky by using sound levels, International Journal of Biometeorology, 2018. (SCI: ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES; I.F.=2.577; Ranking=94/242=37.5%) (Corresponding author)
    K.-T. Tsai, M.-D. Lin, Y.-H. Lin*, Noise exposure assessment and prevention around high-speed rail, International Journal of Environmental Science and Technology, (2018) 1-10. (SCI: ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES; I.F.=2.037; Ranking=123/242=50.8%) (Corresponding author)
    K.-T. Tsai, T.-P. Lin, Y.-H. Lin, C.-H. Tung, and Y.-T. Chiu, The Carbon Impact of International Tourists to an Island Country, Sustainability 2018 10(5), 1386. (SSCI: ENVIRONMENTAL STUDIES; I.F.=2.075; Ranking=51/109=46.8%)
    Yang, M.-D.; Lin, M.-D.; Lin, Y.-H.; Tsai, K.-T., Multiobjective optimization design of green building envelope material using a non-dominated sorting genetic algorithm. Applied Thermal Engineering Volume 111, 25 January 2017, Pages 1255–1264 (SCIE: MECHANICAL; I.F.=3.771; Ranking=10/134=7.5%)
    M-D Yang, Y-P Chen, T-C Su, Y-H Lin*, Sewer Pipe Defects Diagnosis Assessment Using Multivariate Analysis on CCTV Video Imagery. Urban Water Journal 2017 14(5). (SCI: ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES; I.F.=2.744; Ranking=17/90=18.8%) (Corresponding author)
    Y-H. Lin and K-T. Tsai, Screening of tree species for improving outdoor human thermal comfort in a Taiwanese city, Sustainability 2017 9(3), 340. (SSCI: ENVIRONMENTAL STUDIES; I.F.=2.075; Ranking=51/109=46.8%) (First author)
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    Lin Y-H, C.-H. Weng, J.-H. Tzeng, Y.-T. Lin*, Adsorption and photocatalytic kinetics of visible-light-response N-doped TiO2 nanocatalyst for indoor acetaldehyde removal under dark and light conditions. International Journal of Photoenergy, 2016. (SCIE: OPTICS I.F.=1.547; Ranking=54/94=57.4%) (First author)
    Lin, Y.-H.; Chen, Y.-P.; Yang, M.-D.; Su, T.-C., Multiobjective Optimal Design of Sewerage Rehabilitation by Using the Nondominated Sorting Genetic Algorithm-II. Water Resources Management 2016, 30, (2), 487-503. (SCI: ENGINEERING, CIVIL; I.F.=2.644; Ranking=23/128=17.9%) (First author)
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    Tsai, H. P.; Lin, Y.-H.; Yang, M.-D., Exploring Long Term Spatial Vegetation Trends in Taiwan from AVHRR NDVI3g Dataset Using RDA and HCA Analyses. Remote Sensing 2016, 8, (4), 290. (SCI: REMOTE SENSING; I.F.=3.406; Ranking=8/30=26.7%)
    Lin Y-H, C.-H. Weng, Arun Lal Srivastav, Y.-T. Lin*, J.-H. Tzeng. Facile synthesis and Characterization of N-Doped TiO2 Photocatalyst and its Visible-Light Activity for Photo-oxidation of Ethylene. Journal of Nanomaterials, 2015. (SCI: MATERIALS SCIENCE, MULTIDISCIPLINARY; I.F.=1.871; Ranking=128/285=44.9%) (First author)
    Huang, W.-J., Lin, Y.-H., Chen, W.-Y., Chen, H.-W., & Yu, R.-F. (2015). Causal relationships among biological toxicity, geochemical conditions and derived DBPs in groundwater. Journal of Hazardous Materials, 283, 24-34. (SCI: ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES; I.F.=6.434; Ranking=13/242=5.3%)
    Chen, W.-Y., Chen, H.-W., Chang, C.-N., Lin, Y.H., Chuang, Y.-C., 2015. Particles and metallic elements near a high-tech industrial park: analysis of size distributions. Aerosol and Air Quality Research (SCIE: ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES; I.F.=2.589; Ranking=92/242=38.0%)
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    Lin, Y.-T.; Weng, C.-H.; Hsu, H.-J.; Lin, Y.-H.; Shiesh, C.-C., The Synergistic Effect of Nitrogen Dopant and Calcination Temperature on the Visible-Light-Induced Photoactivity of N-Doped TiO2. International Journal of Photoenergy, 2013, 13. (SCI: ENERGY & FUELS; I.F. =1.77; Ranking=37/81=45.67%).
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    Lin, M.-D.; Rau, J.-Y.; Tseng, H.-H.; Wey, M.-Y.; Chu, C.-W.; Lin, Y.-H.; Wei, M.-C.; Lee, C.-H., Characterizing PAH emission concentrations in ambient air during a large-scale joss paper open-burning event. Journal of Hazardous Materials 2008, 156, (1), 223-229. (SCI: ENGINEERING, CIVIL; I.F.=3.723; Ranking=2/115=1.73%)
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    Ming-Der Yang, Yi-Ping Chen, Chien-Tsung Wang, Ming-Jay Deng, Y.-H. Lin*, Ho-Wen Chen, “A stochastic multi-objective optimization decision model for energy facility allocation: A case of liquefied petroleum gas station”, Clean Technologies and Environmental Policy, (2019). (SCI: ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES; I.F.=2.277; Ranking=124/251=49.4%) (Corresponding author)

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    M.-J. Deng, L-H. Yeh, Y-H. Lin, J-M. Chen, T-H. Chou, “3D Network V2O5 Electrodes in a Gel Electrolyte for High-Voltage Wearable Symmetric Pseudocapacitors”, Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2019. (SCI: Materials science; I.F.= 8.456; Ranking= 26/285 = 9.1%)

    J-H. Tzeng, C-H. Weng, Y-H. Lin, S-M. Huang, L-T. Yen, Jin Anotai, Y-T. Lin, “Synthesis, characterization, and visible light induced photoactivity of tourmaline-N-TiO2 composite for photooxidation of ethylene”, Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry. (SCI: Chemical Engineering; I.F.= 4.978; Ranking= 17/272 = 6.3%)

    1 蔡岡廷、陳永儒、林禹豪*,民國107年9月,“台中捷運綠線經營與場站周邊區域發展趨勢”,2018臺中學國際研討會。
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